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Removing noise from GBA audio

So I have made great progress on removing the noise from the GBA console without any effect or removal of original audio.

I believe this is something nobody has yet done, so have provided a detailed article here 

As its an ongoing thing and I am always looking to improve upon it, as well as get feedback on if it worked for you, and if you have any suggestions, or just want to say thanks, I created this post. 

Any discussion about the noise issues on the GBA feel free to post here.

Also I sell the kit to amp the audio (, to remove the noise completely when volume is down [built into new CleanAmps so no need to buy separately after August 2020] (, and to filter the noise from all audio at any volume level, (including the headphone sound!) here (

Thanks, I guess I'll wait for the easier version then ;)

Hi Guys,

so first of all I want to say thanks luke for all the stuff you do.

I just ordered some parts from your website which I want to try with one of my GBAs, as well as the de-humm/de-hiss kit. I also plan to install the IPS v2 kit and since I'm basically rebuilding most of the GBA I also wanted to replace caps 1 to 4. I was thinking of replacing them with ceramic caps but there aren't any high of the required or even higher capacitance, at least I didn't find any on the web. Then I saw heldergametech doing it with tantalum capacitors and I like the clean flat look of the SMD tantalum caps pretty much. Also, you do not specify which voltage you use on cap 4, is it a 4v 680uF cap? My other question is which caps you'd recommend for the replacement, voltage, and capacitance? I'd prefer flat SMD caps but will use the best solution. The service manual says CP1+CP4 =100uF/4V CP2=100uF/6.3V (low Z) CP3=470uF/6.3. Should I go higher capacitance on all caps and use the same voltage? What would the best practice be? Thanks in advance. PS I'm looking forward to that flex board.

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I'd love a copy of a service manual. I have some caps I would like to replace, and one I lost. eAL best practice is to have the voltage rating be the same or higher. The higher the voltage rating the stronger the capacitor is, the more it can withstand high voltages.

I have a dehum board coming in 2 weeks that has all the capacitors on and no need to replace unnecessary ones. The other one you are on about doesn't even work. The tantalums dont remove the noise they are just like for like and replace existing working capacitors for no reason.

You need the 680uF capacitors where the guide shows to work, and replacing those other ones is a pointless blind replacement of capacitors for no reason.

Thanks for the quick response, guys!

@Walczyk I found one on Reddit, an English one, and a Spanish one on another Website after googling for "Nintendo GBA service manual." Not sure it would be ok to upload it here or share the link since it's Nintendo. 

@Luke, I guess it would be best to replace the caps since they have a limited life span and wanted to go with some more reliable ones. Though, I never heard of leaking GBA caps. Also, I was reading Tantalum and/or Ceramic caps have lower resistance or impedance, therefore lowering noise.

So you say I would need an additional 680uF cap (4V) to CP1? I was also guessing to replace CP1 for a cleaner look instead of adding another Electrolytic cap.

I'm looking forward to that Flex Board!

The power regulators on the GBA expect a certain ESR rating (they rely on the inherent resistance of the Aluminium capacitors to function right). However, its poorly designed anyway so really doesn't matter. If you want to swap them, you can swap them for tantalums but they are worse than Aluminium (just google why tantalums are terrible). We also have full aluminium capacitor kits for GBA here just not listed. I will list them on the store today

Okay, got it. Thanks.

Hi is there a guide for the Wire Free Dehum Dehiss Kit?

Yep will release today

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The guide is great. Any chance of a picture. I’ve got a pretty good idea that this will go on the opposite side to where the wire free amp goes and above the power switch but see how to attach to either the large capacitor or to the smaller capacitors o Greg too left as described. Thanks

Hi all.

 I have a challenge on my GBA too at the moment! I have random reboots if the batteries are not very fresh ! Once it gets a bit discharged after like 15min it has random reboots. If you have any tips or where to loop ! I cleaned the board with IPA and the power switch too, even if the power switch has to be managed gently still. Do you think it could be linked to these bad caps ?


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