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Game Gear - audio issues

Hi All I’m looking for some advice regarding a VA1 single ASIC I picked up on eBay. It was sold as dead & I have recapped using the Retrosix kit. The recap has brought it back to life, but the sound is still very quiet even at max volume. I have tested using an audio board out of another game gear that I know to work perfectly, but the volume is the same. Is there anything else that I should check to try and fix the volume? Is there a specific capacitor on the main board that I should check? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
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Change the power boards capacitor from the red solid state capacitor to the original black one. We have updated our kits to use liquid aluminium caps for the large one as some boards get resonance due to the lower ESR of the solid capacitor on the power board. So just pop back in the 820uF cap (largest one on power board) and all should be good.

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