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Burned off pads for the IPS Brightness Control

For the GBA IPS mod, the instructions asked to solder the SEL from the ribbon wire of the IPS screen to the TP2 pad. If you accidentally burned off your TP2 pad (Select button) like I did, the EASIEST FIX is to solder SEL to TP3 (Start button), which would instead change the brightness control from the Select button to the Start button. This mod works surprisingly well and the only problem you might face is that Start button tends to have more functions than Select button in game which sometimes makes adjusting brightness halfway through the game a bit annoying.

The best option as always is to try to avoid this problem all together. If you are new to soldering, make sure a) you do not make you soldering iron too hot like above 400 Celsius, b) use soldering Flux on the pad which significantly reduces the time needed to heat up and tin the pad, c) do not leave the soldering iron on the pad for too long.

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I had this happen too, the TP2 pad has come off, I soldered to TP3 and brightness control is working fine. However, now my select button isn't working at all, is there any reason a test point lifting would cause the select button to stop working?
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