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GBA SP Charging issue


My GBA SP recently stopped taking a charge. After I plug a charger in, the light on the console flashes orange for about a second and then disappears.

I initially thought it was the battery and so I bought a replacement but it still happens.

I've cleaned the charger and the port with isopropyl alcohol and I checked the pins of the charge port and none of the solder appears to be broken.

Can anyone help shed any light on this please?

Almost definitely just charge cable issue, charger itself or or charge port issue. One of them is faulty

Hello, I got the same issue with a battery I purchased.

I had this issue with my older battery so I tought this was due to a defective connector on my console.

However, I tried another battery on the same console and now it charges correctly.

I also tried the battery I bought from your website on another console, the same issue appears.

Is there any way to fix this issue ? I use an official charge cable (AGS-002(EUR))

If the console is confirmed working and its a battery specific issue then be sure to just make sure the battery terminals line up with the console pins when inserted and that its fully inserted. If so and you still have a problem email and we can sort it for you. It is very rarely a battery issue.

If you have multimeters you can test yourself just testing the voltage over the battery pins. If they show over 3V the battery is fine. 

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