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More shell/button/silicone colours?

 Hi guys. I just wondered if you had any plans to introduce more shell/button/silicone colours? I love the quality of what you have available, but other sites like Retro Modding (in Canada?) have a broader choice of colours. I'm in the UK, so would obviously prefer to order from a UK company, but sometimes you just have to have a particular colour and nothing else will do, so end up ordering from overseas. I'm guessing your hands are tied as you have a particular supplier, but could you expand to other suppliers or would that put a few noses out-of-joint? Sorry, I don't know all the ins-and-outs of supplier relations, exclusivity etc.

We are the supplier, we make all moulds and products, so we make our colors from our moulds. What colors and consoles are you after?

Hey Luke, thanks for the reply.

I really like a lot of the colours Retro Modding do (for the DMG), particularly the very bright 'acidy' ones - there's a lime green, cerulean blue, bright pink etc. Also some of the more unusual colours such as Teal, and mint green. This is in no way a criticism of your colours, I love them, but they're a bit more muted, more 'grown-up' maybe

(339 KB)

yeah we can add more colors. We only just added green, purple, orange, yellow, red and blue solids. We will add some clears next then pastels and anything else

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