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Recapped game gear screen black

Hi, I just recapped my game gear with your kit (and using cleanpower board). The game gear seems to work because the audio is playing but the screens stays black (backlight is on). Twisting the (cleaned) contrast wheel doesn’t seem to do anything, it almost looks like the screen stays in the most dark contrast/brightness. Is this normal behavior for a broken screen? I checked continuity for every cap and I seems to connect properly to the board. Also i recapped another audio board with you kit (and checked continuity) and it doesn’t work either (checked with another speaker too). Any pointers to make fix that one? Here’s an image:
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Yes some screens just stay dead. We see about 50% of all repaired GGs dont have working screens. If console is running with audio though it will be fine for a new TFT screen. Ours is coming very very soon if you want to hold out for it.

For audio board, the L1 can die, the wheel can fail, lots on it. Simplest thing is just reflow every pad with fresh solder at least and try again. I'm going to make new audio boards soon too to solve that issue

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