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White screen on the game gear after a re cap

Hi guys so I have a few game gears and have some that only have a white screen. They have been fully re capped here is what I have tried so far.

1) looked for any broken connections or broken pads.

2) used a working sound board no sound loads.

3) checked all capacitors are installed and tested each one.

4) replaced the card slot.

5) tried a known working game.

i have also tried google seems to be a common issue with no fix.

any help would be appreciated.


Do you have a bench power supply to power the console from it and see how many milliamps it draws when powering from the power board battery springs using 9V? I have lots of diagnostics on power levels based on faults

Hi Luke yes supply the power board with a 9v supply I am getting about 3ma from the game gear I have also used one of your clean power boards as well and getting the same result

3mA is much to low to be right. Do you mean 300mA? The white tube would draw over 100mA so the fact its on means the current will be more than that.

If its around 300mA then its a working console, and you should hear audio. Can you test audio out of the board to make sure you hear it?

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