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GBC only starts on second try

Hi guys, I'm having a an issue with my GBC which I don't know how to fix.

It powers off within a second of it first powering on and only fully starts the second time I try to start it (as seen here - 

Modding-wise it has an original McWill screen and a CleanAmp v1.1 board.

I think this issue started right after the CleanAmp v1.1 install.

I attached some pictures of the board as well, please excuse my crappy wiring - I did continuity tests and it looks like everything I meant to connect is connected and nothing more.

I tried replacing the 3 capacitors with the same end result.

Any idea what else I can try?

The GBC will need extra capacitance. Add this capacitor in place of the original  Game Boy Color Power Capacitor Kit ( , and also it helps if you clean the power switch with IPA fluid

I failed to mention I had that one installed before changing all 3 capacitors, same behavior.

Did you clean your power switch? It can also cause it as the power passes straight through there and if its dirty or any track between the battery input and the power switch, then it will have similar issue

I did some cleaning back when I installed the CleanAmp because it was specified in the instructions it would help with the noise as I recall. Just to be sure, I took it apart and gave it a complete one-over with IPA and an ESD brush, insisting on all ports and switches. I also reflowed the connections on the power switch. It did not fix the problem. Should I maybe try a higher value power capacitor? Would this potentially break something?

No it could just be the switch spring or traces on the PCB. Try soldering a wire from the Battery + terminal up to the switch C pad (middle one) and try again. That will eliminate poor traces on the PCB to the switch

I've just done some tests and the GBC power regulator cannot handle the current for both IPS and full powered CleanAmp. I will make a CleanPower for the GBC soon to solve that. For now the simple solution is remove the 2 wires from the amp off the volume wheel and instead just attach one wire from the amp to the top Speaker pad where the old speaker was connected (right by where the amp is now located)

I didn't have two wires to the volume wheel from the amp so I just moved the one I did have to the top speaker pad, same behavior as before. Did I do it right? (blue wire, picture attached)

Yes thats right and you should have no issues. The only thing is make sure that wire going over to the power on the right isnt getting trapped in the shell. 

I just re-read your post though and your using a McWill screen. I am sure I vaguely remember they have that issue of not working until second boot. Double check it by installing the old screen and seeing if it is directly related to the TFT itself

Damn, thanks for the heads up on that Luke. It seems like this is the expected behavior of the McWill screen (which I find hilarious, it's even mentioned in the kit instructions). Thanks for all the help!

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