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Clicky Trigger Installation Guide

Anybody have the installation guide for the clicky triggers? The link in the description leads to this support site but there's nothing at all that mentions the triggers or how to install them.

Same here. Looking for a guide. It looks like it isn't just a drop in replacement.
Read Pats comment on the clicky triggers page. It's a good break down. Essentially desolder the old triggers but leave the bracket. Melt the switch chads attaching it to the bracket and remove the old switch. Install the new switch in place and solder. I followed pats advice to use the back pins of the switch as hooks, but you need to cut them off after the switch is in place as they cannot be touching the bracket while in operation. Not required, but I also put a dab of glue between the bracket and the switch bottom to keep it from moving. See photo below.

I'll add it to our list to do. Basically is a drop in guide just remove old button solder in this one, but I can do a guide with specifics on doing that

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Thanks Luke. One thing I noticed is alignment of the new buttons matter. I did it right on my first gba. The second one I'm slightly off so the L/R triggers hit the button then slip off. I still need to figure out exactly how that happened, but I'm guessing the alignment is slightly off when I soldered them down.

Yes you position them so there is just about a bit of the metal cage showing on the outside. Guess I could do a bracket or come up a way to fit the button into place with a tool thats re-usable. I'll have a think

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