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Game Gear stuck on white screen with Clean Power GG installed

Apologies if this is a long one...

I recapped a GG with a brand new set of caps and tested it with the old power board + batteries and I got a nice working unit. Next I replaced the power board with the Clean Power GG and on powering on I noticed the unit remained stuck on a white screen and strangely enough the red power LED was not lit even though the system was on. Moving the brightness control only made the image brighter or darker, no audio was coming out either. Thinking it was a fluke I installed the old power board back and now the GG was shutting off after 1 second! I reflowed the caps, looked for obvious signs of damage, double checked my work, checked for obvious shorts but it kept happening.  

I grabbed another GG that needed recapping, transferred the same caps from the previous one to this one, again tested with the old power board and I got it working (LCD was dead but I could hear clean sound from the game). I repeated the same experiment as before: replaced the power board with the Clean Juice GG, this time taking care to shut it off immediately if I noticed the same bright screen - and sure enough the same thing happened. Thankfully using the old power board still yields working results so no harm done this time. 

Is there any way to check that the Clean Power GG is working correctly? 

Both GGs are VA1s.

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