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Replacement Power Switch for GBA

Hello everyone, 

I modded two GBA's with parts from retrosix and it worked out perfectly. I bought two of those replacement Power Switches to replace it if needed.

Now my Questions I cleaned my old switches with IPA and that worked quite well, but 
I notice that a lot of times the LED of my GBA get's red pretty early I think that's maybe because of the power switch? I only modded the Screen with the IPS mod and use AA rechargeable batteries. 

So I maybe need to take the plunge open it up again and replace the power switch, or is the red light normal with the higher power consumption due to the Screen mod? 

If I need to replace the switch do I replace it with the small circuit board unter that switch? Or do I need to desolder it from the board that arrived with it? 

I would really appreciate if someone already did that replacement could help me out maybe even with pictures. I'm not very experienced and this mod was the first one for me even the soldering. But that said, the soldering worked fine for the screen replacements :) 



The red light triggers due to the voltage going to 2.4V or less. The power power draw you have, the lower the resting voltage... so in short, your batteries will indicate they are low sooner. So it just depends how much sooner. The other effect is a bad power switch adds more resistance to the input, causing a voltage divider effect and lowering the voltage, causing the trigger sooner.

TLDR; replace the power switch I would say. 

Also for faster support jump on our discord 

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Hi Luke, thank you very much for that answer. I think that 2,4V is my problem then. I opened up the power switch and cleaned it with IPA. But it looked clean already from from my "drop IPA inside and wiggle it" action before. I also used the my tweezers to bend the switch a little bit down to make stronger contact on the bottom plate. It seems to work fine now without any Sound issues or any flickering on the power indicator.

But since I use 
rechargeable AA Batteries that could be the cause! They have 1,2V since they are rechargeable normal AA Batteries have 1,5V. If I am right it looks like I will hit the red light trigger early because of that in combination with the Screen and EZ Flash Omega Cartridge! 

If I change the screen brightness sometimes it goes green on lower brightness and red on higher. 

Maybe I do not need to replace the power switch and just live with that or buy a rechargeable USB C battery replacement! 

Yes the 1.2V batteries will likely be your cause here... but CleanJuice you say... I would recommend :)

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