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Issue with retrosix 2 chip flex cable

This is the second install dealing with the 2 chip flex cable. The one chip version never seems to have an issue. Screen will display a moving image of static and have a long boot up time. (Interval seems random but could take several seconds before "power" LED lights up, display stays static with game audio) Both flex cables lost continuity between the Pclk and FB1. Problem seems to go away after installing a jumper between Pclk terminal on the purple PCB and FB1. I haven't had any success when connecting to the flex cable terminal. ( When jumping FB1 to flex cable terminal I'll still get long boot up with non-moving static before display is normal) What is happening here? Am I fixing the problem or only creating a work around. What does Pclk do, is it LCD refresh rate? Is there a better location to jumper Pclk too other than FB1?
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